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Welcome to 1880 Superfine Lane!


Superfine Lane is an extraordinary place to live – surrounded by city energy, abounding with nature, and steeped in history. 


The 1880 Superfine Lane building sits atop the foundation of the original Brandywine Mills at the intersection of Market and Race Streets in the City of Wilmington. It is situated directly on the Brandywine River, adjacent to the Brandywine Park.


The community in which Superfine Lane is situated was once the tiny satellite community of Wilmington known as Brandywine Village. The village's location at the fall line of the Brandywine River provided waterpower to operate the mills and a navigable stream to transport finished products to markets around the world. These factors helped Brandywine Village become a leading flour-milling center between the 1740s and early 1800s.


Building of large commercial mills at the fall line of the Brandywine began in the early 1740s. The mills produced several grades of flour, with the best being called Brandywine Superfine. 


By the 1770s, the mills here were sending as many as thirty thousand barrels of flour to Philadelphia each year. During the Revolutionary War, the mills supplied flour and meal to the patriot troops encamped at various times in the region.


In 1986, construction of the condominiums at Superfine Lane was completed. The condominiums were designed and built by renowned local architect, Richard Chalfant. 

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